Album Lyrics

Fly free

Go now
fly free 
it’s time
you’re ready

the wind is on the rise
it’s everything you need
to soar the empty sky
to learn to use your wings
in the search of spring

so long
by yourself
to find how
to serve best

the wind is on the rise
it’s everything you need
to fill the empty sky
with the song of spring

i wanna see you flying high
i wanna see you get your speed
i wanna see you make your home
in the flowering fields
there in the heart of spring

Playing like it isn t so

I come in thru the gates
with the palm trees going high
i watch you lead in the other guests
in the lobby looking smart and polite

i walk around the place 
the sun is shining thru
i see you there in the distance setting tables
with other women helping round the room

my eyes are getting lost on you 
studying your every move
I’m looking at you and i think you know
but your playing like it isn’t so

Lovers walking down the beach
As the stars are coming out
you stroll around in your simple dress
so graceful and elegant

the look inside your eyes
is mysterious and kind
i feel like you can read me thru and thru
while I’m enjoying discovering you

something about you feels like a far away home
like in a dream of long ago
as if we’ve known each other all along
but we’re playing like it isn’t so

the evening’s slowing down
and the crowd is thinning out
you tell me soon it’s closing time
and would i like a last glass of wine

the wind is gently blowing in your hair
and i got lovely feelings running everywhere
I’m thinking things and i know you know 
but you’re playing like it isn’t so

Days of joy

The storm is on its way
just breathe and close your eyes
there’s nowhere you can run
this one is coming from inside

the snake will shed its skin
and its colors multiply
as we give into release
we butterfly

we’re brought into the storm
none other than our own
illusions will get blown 
in the raging of the storm

the singing of the sirens 
is ringing in my ears
I’m writing all their words down
I’m working their philosophy 

inviting us along
deep inside of healing songs
they we may finally see
we are but swans

we glide out on the lake 
all together wide awake
the days are long and warm 
in our days of joy

in the liveliness of cheers
your mystic moons are shining clear
right thru the pearls of joyful tears
as you hold now what you hold dear
like a lover you will linger 
there at the doors before you enter
without a veil upon your nature
sensing the soul of every gesture
inside the sacred architecture

we glide out on the lake 
all together wide awake
the days are long and warm 
in our days of joy


I seen inside your eyes
about a hundred thousand skies
and i seen inside your soul 
about a hundred thousand more
you are the one 
i really wanna kiss and hold
i wanna be your wheels baby
and take you for a ride out on my road

you make the day look bright
you make my nights so full
whatever good i got to give
you make me wanna give out more
you got me dancing
this time not alone
and if i think i have it all
without you i would still be poor

yeah i seen inside your smiles
a world so full of shine
your words they ring of truth
they sing a song so kind
will you teach me 
where is it that i have to sign 
i’ll cut my hair
and shine my shoes
sing from my heart and lose my blues

well it’s a wonder how 
i ever got this far
without you by my side 
it was getting kinda dull
just me me me myself and i
but now i look into your eyes 
and see a hundred thousand skies


You’re taking the boat in the evening
somewhere along in the islands
it’s gonna be a long night
until the morning

i’m seeing your face clear in my mind
just like i did the first time
you said let it rise, let it shine
let it pry open the lock on my chains

but i’m so used to them
like walking out in the pouring rain

we’re having a talk on the rooftop
you’re asking me why i been hiding out in the dark
so much hurt so little love
at times i really thought i’de lost the spark
but now i say cause i’ve seen 
and i know in good time
i will come out of my cave

it’s just so long to say goodbye 
cause in the darkness i leave a friend

Jeannie slow down

Jeannie rides in her blue car
just like a shooting star
the way she smiled and waved her hand
i stood and said god damn

when jeannie rolls into town
all heads turn around
jeannie comes and jeannie goes
followed by the scent of rose

and i said slow down jeannie jeannie slow down

jeannie let me come with you
i need a ride
jeannie fly and jeannie race
just put me in your suitcase
jeannie i let me come with you
jeannie i think i love you

i'm just a lonely boy in your town
come on jeannie slow down 
let’s go out on the road and get lost in the fields 
out in the open warm summer breeze
under the sunshine you and i
we can take it slow and we can make it last 
oh please jeannie jeannie 
oh slow down jeannie jeannie
slow down jeannie don’t go so fast

slow down jeannie slow down
slow down jeannie slow down

Bright may you burn

lately i been a lot on my own
without a place to call home
wondering where i belong

i can’t go back i must go on
and it’s alright if i’m alone
so long as i have you

to show me where to start
to help me out of the dark
and see me thru

i didn’t come here for silver and gold
i came here to be held and to hold
but time can be long
it’s slow to get born
and everywhere i see the ones that bloom
while the others will fold and turn cold
as they turn away from you

bright may you burn
your light of truth

after the long night
over the steep climb
there in the twinkle of loving eyes

how bright you burn
how bright you burn

I have 8 words
bright may you burn
your light of truth

Travel light

You left in the night time
when you were out of sight
you left in the night time
when the stars were shining bright
you got yourself a ticket
one hell of a ride
you left without your bags
you're gonna travel light

We met in the old days
at Johnny's burger place
we we're hitting it off good
before i even caught your name
we were priding ourselves
of being among the ones that did it right
we thought of ourselves as 
better than the other guys
oh we were doing it right
oh we were young and bold
and we were doing it right

I loved you like a brother
and i always loved your songs
they were fragile and tender
and that made them so strong
but what a pain you could be
and all the shit you pulled
for years i was angry at you
for closing up all the doors
it's going out of control
you re going out of control
and it's breaking my heart
to know how you feel alone

The last time i saw you
it was right before a show
we were laughing like we used to
and long live rock n roll
we never made a living
we never made a dime
but we will not go down 
without a fight
we re gonna be alright
so long as we remain true 
we re gonna be alright

Foreign lands

Pretty soon i’m gonna hit the road
foreign lands here i come
of any land both great or small
in all my life i’ve never heard of 
what you would call 
a free land
a free land

cause everywhere i’ve gone 
i’ve asked around
if there was such a place 
such a people to be found
but every man both great or small
in all their years they de never met 
what you would call
a free man
a free man

pretty soon i’m gonna hit the road
foreign lands here i come

Your lips with mine

The summer rain 
is coming round this way again
your eyes are inviting me 
to play our favorite game
slowly you sway 
You drop another piece of clothes 
and take a further step 
in the direction of love
and how the world is my delight
when i move to touch your lips with mine

you are the flower in the wild 
in a secret garden 
by the silvery moonlight
near a waterfall 
where the animals mate
you are the red red rose 
that smells so sweet
and how the world was made divine 
when you moved to touch your lips with mine

hold me close hold me tighter
our lives will soon end in the fire
you whisper words of sweet goodnight
and i move to touch your lips with mine

Fishes in the Laguna EP Lyrics 2016


As i allow my mind to drift into your river
no more trouble no more weight upon my shoulders
oh that i could sense your depth & invitation
and let you inspire my life to follow your direction

somewhere at the edge of the night
living a dream or dreaming a life 
all along the way to the sea
an ever moving fantasy
somewhere at the edge of the night
in windy hours of clouds in flight
all along the way to the sea
River flowing wild and free

and if ide let myself be rolled into your ocean
hope you know that from here on 
you de have my full attention
i could reflect upon my trials and tribulations
i could be smiling at the scars of my initiations

now i know there s no stopping
everything is gonna happen

somewhere at the edge of the night
all along the way to the sea
a new born in your family
somewhere at the edge of the night
somewhere at the edge of the sea
at last again wild and free

Early July

Well i remember it was early july when
julia led the way we went out dancing
i took the winds blowing in my direction
to sail me off from days of isolation
her lady bugs were gently steering the wheels
guiding the horses further into their dreaming
rolling up the hills nearing our destination
the sun was skying of romantic effusion

when we got there the thing was already blooming
we cooly jumped in it as if it was nothing
there was a lot of loose twisting and turning
it wasnt long before i de hear my bells ringing
as the parade took on a more tribal rhythm
i spotted you and it was giving me feelings
i s thinking yes and yes and yes i m delighted
bringing the magic in the heart of the evening.

The more it goes the more the joy is a rising
i dig it when the people let out the screaming
two hours straight and we are deep in the drumming
while julia caught everything that was happening
i look at you and my desire s still burning
it wont come down as i am leaving the building
i gotta get your name your number or something
cause i m a sailor and you look like a siren.

The old lady that was doing the tango
pointed to you and telling me i should follow
she said she saw that there might be a connection
and i replied that i was paying attention
young man there is something in your eyes
of a sad, sad lonely child
and if you wanna go with her down the road
you re gonna have to get at one with your soul

To my amazement when you broke out for breathing
you came head on to the place i s sitting
you looked at me, i didn t know what to say then
at a loss for words in the spur of the moment
you asked me if i wanted to do some hugging
i looked up at the sky and gave it a grinning 
i jumped on my feet took you in my arms
julia had a smile the river nile long

For days to come we be walking and talking
In the sunshine down in the gardens
riding the waves of our tender attraction
under the spell of a mysterious emotion
and then you said to me you re ready to open
i will undo the bars keeping you fenced in
it wont be easy, gonna feel like your naked
but you been out too long in the land of the dying

Tear away the demon out from the heart
and let this be the ground on which you will start 
i ll see you when i make it back from the forest
now you can let it all go free. you re boundless


Sarah on certain evenings as you come to me
from a world of thoughts dreams and memories
i let it all unfold and fill me

like waves you come washing up against my shores
like a late bird gently rapping at my chamber door
to stir my lonely hours once more

Sarah in september as you filled my eyes
then and there i would realise 
something was going on within the skies
Three years for our story to begin and close
for the butterfly to meet the rose
before the cold wind it blows

night time and my soul is drifting far away
by your side each and every step along the way
a part of you and me is living free

i see a world of joy beneath your pain
i see the sunshine behind the rain
i see us going where we ve never been
three years, three years that i will not forget
and though heartbroken i do not regret
Sarah darling i m so glad we met

its late and everything is more and more quiet
and soon i know totally quiet

Cosmic Valentine

where s my cosmic valentine 
with kisses like delightful wine
has she gone out in the night 
gone down by the water side

moons are spinning out of time 
rivers running serpentine
stretching far beyond the seas 
washing in the galaxy

embodied in a human form
sometimes feeling so alone
out into the world she roams
to find no roses without thorns

its a long way to get back where we re from
and a long long way to meet you here

where s my loving valentine 
the one that i call mine ?
an emptiness has grown inside
where is it you have gone my loving valentine ?

then i thought she loved me not
wrestling with a mood so dark
hiding in the blackest cave
contemplating worlds of pain

cold and wash out
tired from a long and weary fight
half asleep i saw your face
radiant and full of grace

don t be long

Head On EP Lyrics 2012

Wine of Youth

I m walking the dunes
under violent skies
exploring your world
inside and out

as i go on i eat the fruit
with joy i drink the wine of youth

lying on an ocean
of greenish silk
the waves come crashing
against your cliffs

your breath is warm
your mouth is sweet
there in your arms
i feel the heat

Nevermind the days of falling rain
we ll go out dancing under the storm

inside your eyes
my galaxies lie
the deeper my kisses
the stronger they shine

the wind it blows softly on
the lovers at play inside the dawn

Nevermind the days of falling rain
we ll go out dancing under the storm

you are my pleasure you are my pain
Nevermind the days of falling rain

Mr Ree

Mr Ree had a beautiful daughter
black hair and hazel eyes
lips like cherries
skin like clouds
she was mine yeah
she was all mine

she was my darling
i wanted to make her my wife
but Mr Ree he didnt like me
and he swore that one day
he would take away my life

Ooh ooh Mr Ree he didnt like me
Ooh ooh Mr Ree he didnt like me

it happened on a night while i was a sleep
full moon shining bright
Mr Ree came creeping on me
and the last thing i felt was his rusty old knife
sink in my back

Ooh ooh Mr Ree he didnt like me
Ooh ooh Mr Ree he didnt like me

No More Tears

Walk the tightrope
clear your mind
follow on thru toward a new sky
all the rage and the past that you blame
it's all there to make you fall
On the tightrope
you ll feel strong
tame the demon
sing him songs
no more dragging ball and chain
now is the time to spread out your wings
No more tears need be shed
The storm is gone now be at peace
it was just a frightful dream
never fail to recognise that all that we want is to get us aflight
you are a part of the world that's around you yearning for the sacred
you is the better the more you give the more the world is yours to dwell in
No more tears need be shed
No more tears need be shed no more


Baby i m aware of the colors that you wear
baby all the time
in and out of days where the sun aside hides
baby you just shine
i m like a barricade but your words found a way
to echo thru and thru
turned my head around with your merry go round
darling i hear you
baby you re strong
baby i m amazed at the efforts that you made
in learning to let go
of everything you know and everything you hold
of armors shields and swords
we gotta let it be the way it has to be
there s no going back but i cherish what we had
baby keep on... on...
different doors, different roads, different wars, different souls...

Woven like a braid

I feel the wind
gently on my skin
i feel an ocean
rolling within... bigger than me
My mind escapes
far off in the sacred night
high above the busy world
where gods are dwelling in delight

it has me staying up late when i think about it
life and death just woven like a braid

you in this world
i m oh so glad
i love your face my little child
you got so much of your mother
mingled with so much of much
its crazy darling oh its crazy how

the great great mystery stills lies ahead
all in all just woven like a braid

i m feeling the wind warm on my skin
i m feeling the oceans rolling within
the fog is clearing
the light is apprearing
i cant be mistaking
all in all its all woven like a braid
woven like a braid
woven like a braid

Head On

I m walking Head on
crossing shadows and ghosts
memories slowly
they come swirling in
they hurt but i breathe
my early years are trying to scream
out a moment of truth
lost in this maze of me
like a soldier all wet and cold
in a battle that is getting old
i am waiting for the sun to rise
i am wanting of the love in your eyes
so i do it and do it again
i ready my heart as to embrace the end
i brake up my wings to see if they ll heal
and i drown my light in the fire to see if it is real
because the poet must find his muse
and the singer sing out his tune
the swallow will leave the cold behind
and the sun will shine lighting up the sky...